Jerry Jones Keeps the Cowboys in the National Spotlight

THE SAINTS MARCH into AT&T Stadium riding a 10-game winning streak and are sitting at a 7.5 favorite.

Dallas is lucky to hold a 6-5 record.

Apparently, none of these numbers factor into the mind of Jerry Jones.

Throughout the week, Jones has gone on record stating that Dallas should treat the Saints game like the Super Bowl.  In an interview with 105.3 The Fan’s Shan and RJ Show, Jones said:

“If you can beat a team like New Orleans, that is really capable as it is, that lifts you. That would really lift our team. To me, this really is an opportunity mid-season, to have that kind of game that can really change your attitude.”

Week 13 being closer to the end of the season rather than mid-season notwithstanding, Jerry Jones is trying to do two things.  1.) Sell tickets and merchandise, and 2.) get the Cowboys to win a big game so the team can sell more tickets and merchandise.

This latest speech has ignited antoher round of media excitement.  Exactly what Jones wanted.

In Jerry Jones’ tenure as owner of the Dallas Cowboys, he’s played the role of an intrepid king by firing Tom Landry and replacing him with Jimmy Johnson.  Jones has also played the role of meddling buffoon, firing Johnson after two consecutive Super Bowl wins and constantly offering his (unwanted) input on every decision from ticket prices to advice on the playbooks.

Jerry Jones is loud.  That is a fact. 

Jerry Jones will be heard.  That is also a fact.

At times, mostly during the last 23 years since their last Super Bowl appearance, Jerry Jones has overshadowed his team in exposure.  It’s not really the Dallas Cowboys; it’s Jerry’s Boys. 

He’s been writing checks his team hasn’t cashed, and in the case of New Orleans, won’t.

In truth, Jones has been making a fortune and living off the success that stretches back almost a quarter of a century ago.  The years from 1996 until the present have accumulated to 184 wins and 172 losses (.517 winning %), and the Cowboys are 2-9 in the playoffs.

This latest radio interview should not surprise anyone in the NFL, nor anyone who’s a fan of football.  Jerry Jones is a blowhard, a boastful man who is intent on getting people to tune in on the TV or sit in one of his seats.  It’s as if the past 23 years haven’t occurred to Jerry.  

And as much as this sounds like I’m bashing Jerry Jones, I can’t help but like him.  Who else can be that vocal, that over-the-top, that hands-on, and own a team that isn’t going anywhere near playing in a Super Bowl and still get people to watch?  One person: Jerry Jones.

It doesn’t matter if you find the Cowboys reprehensible or if they are the light of your Sundays—it’s been proven that the Dallas Cowboys are America’s team.  They are consistently atop the Nielsen ratings, lead the way in merchandise sales, and AT&T Stadium is always packed tight.

Jerry Jones is living in a fantasy land concerning winning it all, but that fantasy purveys and spreads like madness; next thing you know, you’re watching Jerry’s Boys. 


  • feature photo: Andy Jacobsohn/Sports Day